Some people write bigfoot off as just another mythical creature, however, there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of people who actually believe. Others have claimed to even encounter the "beast" itself. Just to be safe we wanted to show you the four signs that you may be encountering a bigfoot.

We're by no means saying you will encounter a full-fledged sasquatch, but if you come across any of these warning signs it may be a warning to back up and get to safety, or you can be like any bigfoot hunter and whip out your camera to try and document it. We encourage the running away but to each their own.

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4.) Large Foot Tracks

This is obviously the most well-known and most looked-for warning when out in the wild. If you see a large footprint that is unlike anything you've seen before you may be in the presence of a bigfoot. This is another way researchers have identified bigfoots or sasquatch, by using plaster to create a permanent and portable bigfoot track. However, if you see this in the wild, you're better off just getting out of the woods.

3.) Large flattened areas covered with leaves and brush

People have come across the anomaly and assume nothing of it, just a random occurrence of leaves and branches being bunched together on a flattened area in the wild. However, researchers in the field of bigfoot determined these are usually areas where the sasquatch sleeps. They will stay in the same place for quite a while until their home has been discovered, so if you come across one it's best to turn tail and run.

2.) Deep low growls, howls, or screams

Hearing any of these sounds in the wild are frightening, your mind may not go directly to bigfoot, you'll think of bears, mountain lions and other frightening wildlife. Howver, if you hear a blood curderling scream your thought is someone is in trouble. Some hunters believe this is bigfoot looking to lure you or others into their den as it's worked for them before. Once again if you hear any of these, you may wanna head back to where you came.

1.) Rocks Being Thrown

Ever been out on a hike in the wilderness and heard what sounds like rocks being thrown, or actually had a rock fly by you with no one else around? This is a tall tell sign that a sasquatch is nearby. Sasquatches are rumored to throw rocks and boulders as a warning sign to others that it is unsafe to be in their domain and you'd be best to love along. There's been multiple signs and stories of people encountering such a thing and all of them root back to sightings of sasquatch.

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