While the lower river attracts folks for those bright kings, those of us that don't mind a six salmon limit can head for the Snake River instead.

The Snake River will open for harvest of fall chinook salmon from the mouth (Burbank-to-Pasco railroad bridge at Snake River mile 1.25) to the Oregon state line (approximately seven miles upstream of the mouth of the Grande Ronde River).

Don't head east just yet, the season opens August 18 and ends on Halloween.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says the 2017 Columbia River is forecasted for return of upriver bright adults is 260,000. Fishery managers are expecting a significant portion of these fish to return to the Snake River.

The salmon daily harvest limit is six (6) hatchery (adipose fin-clipped) fall chinook adults (24 inches in length and larger) and 6 clipped or unclipped jack fall chinook (less than 24 inches).

The fishery is open seven days per week.

Tight lines!

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