Anyone else over the age of 30 and still love chocolate milk as much as they did when you were a kid? I know I still do. We always have some in our fridge at home and I often grab a bottle to go at mini marts. The other day I noticed a couple of new flavors that I just had to try. Snickers and Twix. Both of them still chocolate milk, but with those essences? I just had to try them both.

I tried the Snickers one first.

It's good, but in lieu of having actual peanuts in it (glad it didn't!) it just tasted nutty. Kind of like those protein shakes, if you've tried those. Drinkable, sure. The caramel flavoring didn't come through that much.

Because I didn't want to drink them back to back, I had the Twix one the next day. To the best of my memory, it tasted almost the same as the Snickers one. Twix has cookie instead of peanuts but it was the same kind of harshness that the Snickers one had. Still, smooth, creamy chocolate milk, but had that extra something similar to protein shakes. That was when I noticed that these chocolate milk drinks carry 14 grams of protein. Wonder if that's what I was tasting, I'm not sure.

Either way, all in all, they were both good, but I'd rather just have classic chocolate milk.

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