If only I had the money, and this January. I would have been so happy, and loved the crap we've been dealing with for the past month. Not to mention, I'd become an Uber driver and make bank... if I even charged people, I'm sure I'd just have fun driving around and NOT GETTING STUCK! Check out the video (above) of the Ripsaw EV3-F1, with a 1500HP 727 Cubic Inch Hemi engine. Made by Howe & Howe, this off-road (or on, I mean, really, what's to stop you) luxury sports tank is a beast! You might have seen one of these in the movie "The Fate of the Furious" but now we can actually own one! Sure might cost you over half a million, but I'm sure if you knock the heated seat option off, that could lessen the price. I know you're thinking, but Timmy, how can you be an Uber driver when there's only one seat? Don't worry, they have made a family friendly 4 seater model. Check that out below!


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