In a press release issued by the City of Yakima today (June 25), details of the statewide mandatory facemask order were clarified, to include those whom are exempt from having to #MaskUpToOpenUp.

Beginning today (June 26), all Washingtonians are required to  wear a facemask indoors in public places like stores, offices and restaurants as well as outdoors when you aren't able to properly social distance. Also, businesses in Yakima County businesses are only allowed to let customers come in if they are wearing a face covering.

Is anyone exempt from the order? According to the city, individuals exempt from the proclamation include:

*Those with certain disabilities or health conditions.
*Those who are deaf or hard of hearing
*Children under the age of 5, though it is encouraged to have children ages 3 to 5 wear a face covering if possible.

Furthermore, Yakima Transit will require passengers to wear masks. That includes allowing limited exceptions as indicated in the state mandate.

Click for information on the City’s response to the pandemic, as well as helpful precautions and links related to COVID-19 and the community’s response.
Click for more about the face covering requirements.

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