Lots of folks are posting pics of the Starlink satellites from SpaceX as they passed over the Tri-Cities last night. Some folks thought it was a rocket launch gone bad that was re-entering the atmosphere and burning up. But it turns out that this pretty incredible sight will become fairly common now that all of these satellites are orbiting the Earth.

They will be visible again tonight at approx. 9:19 p.m. Sometimes you'll see just one or a few, depending on the lighting. Click THIS LINK for a schedule of sightings. I used the Seattle location which should be about the same for our viewing in the Mid-Columbia. There are actually several times during several nights they will be visible. The satellites will often look like a train of lights traveling across the sky.

SpaceX is launching thousands of Starlink satellites to provide high-speed internet to users all over the world. Spectrum, you might be in trouble!

It seems to me that space travel would be incredibly dangerous with all of those satellites circling the Earth, but what do I know.


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