Meet Spliff, a dog walker who enjoys dirty talk, Harry Potter, and smoking pot (in case the name didn’t give it away already).

Name: Spliff Suicide

Age: 22

Location: California

Occupation: Dog walker.

Body mods: Eyebrow, septum, lip, belly button pierced. Care Bear stars on my hips and full wings on my back.

Favorite position: Staring him in the eyes.

Looking for: Whoever comes along.

My Kink Factor: Talk dirty to me…

Hobbies: Aggressive rollerblading, fire poi and biking.

Bands: Rolling Stones, Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, fever Ray, Passion Pit, Eminem, Radiohead, animal collective, Veara and Pendulum.

Films: Harry Potter, Domino, Lord of War, Benji, Toys, Lord of the Rings.

Books: Harry Potter.

TV shows: Vampire Diaries, Whale Wars, Ice road truckers and Top Chef.

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