The Japanese have perfected the art of 'The Square Watermelon'! They say the invented it so it would fit inside peoples refrigerators!However, my grandma did this with boxes way back in the day because she had 17 children and 3 refrigerators and about 10 freezers and I am not joking. Her cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, milk cows, milk goats all got eaten up.

But she needed all of those to freeze them. My grandma canned and froze everything for winter months which is where I got it from!

Her garden was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. She started all of her stuff indoors early so when it was hot in Wyoming, which was rare, her fruits and vegetables that she grew flourished! She was amazing.

But with all of that said round Cantaloupes and Watermelons would not fit amongst all of the other things that she had to do. So she put boxes around them to make them square and fit!

I wish she would have shared with the world this amazing thing, because my whole family would be 'The Square Watermelon Box' inventors! HA