Everyone has a theory about how to pick the most juicy watermelon. You've heard all the tricks from knocking on watermelons to looking for special marks on the fruit. For many picking out a watermelon at the store can be frustrating if you're wrong when you get home. You are then either forced to eat or throw away the mush or bring it back to the store.

Just ask your local produce manager they know the tricks

But some produce experts say they have the answer. First they say look for the what's called the orange creamy field spot. A darker yellow spot means it stayed on the vine longer and is full of flavor. if that spot is white the experts say your watermelon may not be ripe. Look for webbing or what are called sugar spots which is supposed to mean that the melon is leaking sugar and a sign that's it's very sweet. The shape or your melon is important. A shine means it's underripe. A dull watermelon may taste better.

Most people use the knuckle knock

The trusted knuckle knock is legit. Produce managers at major grocery stores in Yakima say a good melon is found when you can bounce your knuckles off a firm surface. A dull thud means the flesh is soft which may mean it's spoiling. You can also push with your thumb. If you find a firm surface that's an indication of a good melon. Our listener "Byron" says there's also a trick to finding a ripe, sweet cantaloupe. He says scratch and sniff the area where the fruit came off the vine. He says a sweet smell would indicate a sweet cantaloupe.
How do you keep a melon fresh? Keep your cut slices in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

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