The latest step in Stabbing Westward's musical return is now in place, as the band has announced a March 18 street date for their first full-length album since 2001. The album is titled Chasing Ghosts, and the industrial-tinged vets have issued the pulsing new song "I Am Nothing" in coordination with the album announce. Check it out below.

The Stabbing Westward music return has been building over the past year, with the band getting back in the flow last year with their Dead and Gone and Hallowed Hymns EPs. Now comes fresh music from Christopher Hall and crew. The band's current lineup includes longtime keyboardist Walter Flakus, alongside bassist Carlton Bost and drummer Bobby Amaro. The group also called in producer John Fryer to oversee the new album.

“It seems like we’ve been working on this album for a long time, trying to get it just right. With the help of John Fryer and COP International, everything fell into place. We are so excited for the world to finally hear the album. The single 'I Am Nothing' is just the tip of the iceberg.” teases Flakus.

Hall adds,  “It's great to be back, and working with John Fryer and Tom Baker again was awesome and felt like making a pure old-school Stabbing Westward album. I am excited to see how people will receive the new songs."

The new album is expected to provide a blend of brand new songs with re-workings of songs from last year's Dead and Gone EP. Pre-sales will begin in January  There will also be a limited number of physical copies of "I Am Nothing" available via the band's Bandcamp page. Check out the David Seidman-created artwork and Chasing Ghosts track listing below.

Stabbing Westward, "I Am Nothing"

Stabbing Westward, Chasing Ghosts Artwork + Track Listing

COP International Records / Album Art by David Seidman
COP International Records / Album Art by David Seidman

1. I Am Nothing
2. DamagedGoods
3. Cold
4. Push
5. Wasteland
6. CtrlZ
7. Crawl
8. Dead & Gone
9. Ghost
10.The End

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