You must have a lot of time on your hands (and limited, if any, dating prospects) if you can fashion your face pubes into a full scale replica of the X-Wing starfighters from ‘Star Wars.’

That’s just what a man known as Chad Roberts did. All jokes aside, his beard handiwork is pretty cool. Screw fan fiction. Who needs to do all that literary work and writing when you can just twist your beard hairs into a starship, take a photo and be immortalized and worshipped by fellow Comic-Con nerds.

There are all sorts of ‘Star Wars’ dedications out there, but this one might actually make George Lucas (and X-Wing pilot Luke Skywalker) proud. This is truly a masterpiece and an homage to the Rebel Alliance and their interceptors.

Plus, it’s temporary. He can always shave it, unlike, say, a tattoo, which is forever. [Stares regretfully at 'Ewok Like an Egyptian' Tattoo and sighs]

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