Those annual meetings that take place every year that many anglers should have an interest in are coming up and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking input from the public.

"The public plays an important role in shaping salmon fisheries across the state each year," according to Ron Warren, head of WDFW's fish program. "We encourage people to participate either by attending one of the many public meetings or by providing comments online."

Every year it seems I hear anglers complain when gathered that "they" decide everything about the fishing seasons in private. Consider this your invite, but keep in mind the big preview of the forecasts is coming on February 28th at a public meeting all the way in Olympia.

The meeting is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the General Administration Building, 210 11th Ave. SW.

Tribal and state biologists work together to predict what size of run we should expect and how long the season will be for those that make their living by these numbers. These meetings are set to enable the public to comment on the results and course of action taken as a result.

But if driving to Olympia is a bit too much for you, again, the state does also take online comments.

A full schedule of meetings is available on WDFW's website.


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