Wednesday night was apparently the hot one for TV parodies, as the same evening that saw Jimmy Fallon reuniting the cast of Stranger Things also saw Stephen Colbert hooding up for a Late Show parody of Mr. Robot. Still, we’ve got to ask the real questions – are we all just ones and zeroes in a game of Ms. Pac Man? How many Christian Slaters are there, really?

With Slater on the guest roster that evening, it seemed only natural that Colbert dedicate last night’s Late Show cold open to the USA hacker drama, including its signature brand of dry voiceover, hoodies and existential mumbling. We’re almost surprised Colbert didn’t play Mr. Robot to the real Rami Malek a few weeks back, but Slater seems to be a good sport all the same.

In the meantime, only two weeks remain in Mr. Robot Season 2, though Season 3 is officially slated to arrive next year. You can practically feel the full-length Jimmy Fallon parody already on its way.

Watch the clip above, and stay tuned for the latest from Mr. Robot.

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