Stephen Colbert has been sorely missing from late-night, and we don’t mean the one hosting CBS’ Late Show night after night. Thankfully, The Colbert Report version made a welcome return to a changed political landscape last night, along with none other than former Comedy Central buddy Jon Stewart.

As the Republican National Convention got off to a rocky start, so too did Colbert find himself in need of a more singular voice to help explain Donald Trump’s ascension to presumptive nominee. Cue Colbert seeking out Jon Stewart in the wilderness, and finding none other than the shield-toting, eyebrow-raised persona he himself had left behind.

The bit continued well-past the initial sketch, as “Colbert” was carried like royalty into the Late Show studio, reprising “The Word” segment in an attempt to define “Trumpiness” as a successor to “truthiness.” The real-world Colbert had hinted last week his Colbert Report persona might return for the convention, following months of scrutiny that his CBS tenure lacked direction.

In any case, last night’s Late Show likely won’t be the last we see of “Stephen Colbert” the character, but watch both clips above, and stay tuned for more.

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