Well, here we go again, someone is offended about The American Flag! Are you kidding? What is this world coming too!Trust me, if you are a true American, no matter what race you are, this video may offend you!

I think that everyone should respect where they came from no doubt. But to call 'The Fourth Of July' "Their Holiday" just because the person is another race is absurd! If you are an American then, guess what, it is your holiday!

By the way, Independence day declared our Independence from Great Britain, not Mexico or Japan or Italy or Korea or whatever! Great Britain! White people for crying out loud! Pay attention in class!

I am thinking that parents of all children should explain to them that when you come to America and you become legal, then you become an American! It is pretty much that simple. [Click on link to see how you can become legal]

In the United States Naturalization Test, there is a question in there that asks ' What is one promise you make when you become a United States citizen?' It is multiple choice. But the choices are ridiculous! In my opinion, if you get that one question wrong, you should have to take the whole dang test over!

People, if you are an American then act like one! Be proud of the fact that you do live in this country and wear the flag to prove that.

Independence Day is 'Our Holiday' not 'Their Holiday'! This is not a race issue, this is a human race issue!

Here is a practice test. It has all of the questions that are asked on it. Thank you to Christian Monitor Society.

Stand up and Be Proud!