There is a bit of fun news as salmon season winds down and fishermen have already filled their deep freeze with chinook.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has issued an emergency rule that allows retention of white sturgeon on the Columbia River below Bonneville Dam.

For just a few days from Oct. 21 and Oct. 26, you can keep white sturgeon on the mainstem Columbia River. The section boundaries are from the Wauna power lines (40 miles from the mouth of the Columbia) upstream to Bonneville Dam.

Fishery managers say there are sufficient sturgeon remaining under the guideline to allow for a two-day retention fishery.

Pay attention to the rules. anglers will have a daily retention limit of one fish measuring 44 to 50 inches from its snout to the fork in its tail. An annual limit of two white sturgeon, regardless of where they are caught, will also be in effect.

The mainstem Columbia River remains open for catch-and-release sturgeon fishing, but that won't fill the freezer!

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