Bacon Infused Beer At Seattle Beer Week [PHOTO]
Our friend, Chad Roberts, was in Seattle for Seattle Beer Week at The Pine Box. Since he couldn't bring any back (or didn't want to share) he was kind enough to send us this picture of an Emelisse Rauchbier through a bacon filled randall.
Emelisse Rauchbier is a smokey ale so adding bacon j…
Man Tries To Eat A Whopper With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon
Japanese website Rocket News decided to pay ¥7000 or $86.85 to add 1050 strips of bacon to a Whopper, then film a dude trying to pig it all down. There are many flaws with this plan, namely that Whopper is the size of a toddler, but the contender here is clearly not prepared for this particular …
Big Game Recipe – Bacon Wrapped Bacon
What kind of Super Bowl snacks are you planning on making this Sunday? How about some bacon wrapped bacon? It's not something you can just easily buy in any store, but we'll give you the secret, step by step guide on how to make it with pictures along the way to keep you drooling.