capitol theatre

Killer Cornell Crowd!
Chris Cornell was amazing July 18th at the Capitol Theatre in Yakima! I was set up outside to talk to all the people that came to this amazing local event. I am glad I did! There were so awesome people who came. Some brought their kids, some came with a partner and some came alone. All of them with …
Searching the Superunknown
We know where he's GONNA be -- on July 18, anyway.
But meantime, before he gets to Yakima's Capitol Theatre for next Monday night's show, where in the hell is Chris Cornell?
Or in this case, where in the hell can you at least find some tickets for that show...
Hottest ticket in town
I had the honor of interviewing these awesome people from Cirque Dreams Holidaze this week and just from checking out what they have on, you know that it is going to be an amazing show. Their performance will incorporate all of your favorite Christmas music!

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