The Seattle Kraken Has An Epic Team! Draft Results Are Here!!
Washington tuned into the Seattle Kraken draft with excitement and nerves as The Seattle Kraken drafted their very first team in the expansion draft. We're gonna talk about the players we have and why we drafted them! Yesterday the entire draft was leaked and some fans were upset with what they saw...
NFL Draft Pick Gassed
I was still here at work waiting to see who the Los Angeles Rams would pick at #1, who the top 10 would be and who the Seahawks would pick at #26 in the 2016 NFL Draft. Prior to the trade that landed the Rams the top pick there was wide speculation that Ole Miss Offensive Tackle Laremy Tunsil could be the top pick in the draft...
Texas Rangers, Houston Astros Draft Paralyzed Players [VIDEO]
It may only be the second week of June, but the pennant race in both leagues for classiest move by a major league team is over. Earlier this week, the Texas Rangers drafted a paralyzed player in this year’s Major League Baseball draft, while their cross-state rivals Houston Astros did the same.