The National Hockey League's newest team -- the Seattle Kraken -- took their first step to adding their first player to their roster today (June 2) as the league held its annual draft lottery.
Kraken General Manager and NHL Hall of Fame player in his own right, Ron Francis, represented the Kraken from his office for the virtual ceremony to find out where the club would pick in the upcoming amateur player draft that will occur after the expansion draft. During the expansion draft, Seattle will get the opportunity to select from a pool of unprotected players from the rosters of the other 31 teams in the league.

Seattle had a slightly better than 10% chance to land the top pick overall as team logos were revealed in ascending order from 15 to one. As each pick was revealed, it got down to just two clubs left vying for the #1 overall choice. It would be either the Kraken or the Buffalo Sabres.

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The NHL Deputy Commissioner flipped over the #3 card and revealed the logo of the Anaheim Might Ducks meaning that Seattle had a 50/50 chance to get the first selection in the upcoming draft of 18 year-old players.

The Deputy Commissioner skipped the number 2 placard and went straight to #1. I could barely stand it! How could I be so excited about a team that has yet to play a single game?

When the card was flipped over, it showed the colors and insignia of the Buffalo Sabres meaning that the Kraken will get the #2 pick. Not the best but still not bad. Not bad at all! When the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the most-recent team to join the league, were in their first-ever draft lottery, they ended up with the #6 pick. They eventually made it to the Stanley Cup finals in their inaugural season.

Does the same or similar fate await the Kraken? Time will tell but, for now, things are turning up roses for Seattle's newest professional sports franchise.

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