Todd’s Take: “Luv Ya!” Vs. “I LOVE YOU”
As I got older, I realized I wasn't saying "I love you" nearly enough. Why is that? It's one of the first things I ever learned how to do. We all love hearing it being said TO us so why, pray tell, do we have such a hard time telling the people in our lives -- that we truly do lo…
Yakima Valley and Tri-Cities are amazing places to live. Anything you'd want to do is close by. But when I was a kid, my mom, dad, brother and I took a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge in California and I was in heaven.
3rd Annual “Love Songs For Tough Guys”
In case you missed it, here, in it's entirety, is the 3rd Annual "Love Songs For Tough Guys" hosted by Five Finger Death Punch!
Don't forget! 5FDP will be in the SunDome on March 30th!
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