Record nudity!
The American Association for Nude Recreation (yes, it really exists!) is trying to set a record for the most nude people in Arizona! As hot as it gets in Arizona, it really isn't such a bad idea! It has been hot in the Yakima Valley lately, too, though -- so I wonder if our City Council would a…
These girls are golden
In case you're a "cougar catcher" or perhaps a "grave-digger" you're in luck. Some real life "Golden Girls" at the Ohio-based Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living Home decided to make a calendar!
An Ant Trap That Actually Works – Or Should [PHOTO]
I get ant in my house ever year. Whether there's food on the kitchen floor or not, I'll always find an ant or 5, especially during the Summer months. Sprays are messy, cleaning daily isn't an option and traditional ant traps only work part of the time. What's a guy to do? Maybe I…
Man Attempts to Run Marathon Nude
It was likely meant to be a joke, but nude marathon runner Brett S. Henderson wasn't laughing Sunday when he got tased by police officers and slapped with public indecency and obstructing official business charges.
The 35-year-old Cincinnati resident was running -- sans clothes -- in Sunday&apos…