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Big Scam Alert! Can You Identify Them? Here’s When Not to Click!
Scams and scammers are nothing new. Pharaoh famously fell for the square-wheeled chariot scam back in the day. Ok, I made that up, but it could have happened. Of course, scams these days are easier to pull off with the advent of the internet. All the bad guys need you to do is click a link in an email, for example, and you're sunk.
New Phone Scam Targets Washington Residents
The Washington State Patrol is warning you about a new phone scam where you're asked to call an 813 area code to give your social security number. There have already been several reports of people getting phone calls from someone saying they're with 'Washington State Police' or from the 'US Justice Department' and need them to call an 813 area code phone number (which is in Florida) to confirm th
911 Scam Alert
If you already pay for phone service, tell these scam artists that you already "gave at the office," or that the "check is already in the mail."