Man Tricked Into Thinking He was Bungee Jumping Off an Old Bridge
In Norway, where about 50% of my DNA make-up comes from, they do things a little differently in their bachelor parties. While, here, we may go to Vegas to have some fun, get some drinks and do things that are probably illegal in 49 states. These guys in Norway decided to take their friend bungee jum…
SLC Drug Prank
I grew up an hour and a half away from SLC and in the 80's I am pretty sure that everyone on the street, if asked, would have said yes. I, of course, never would.
Mistletoe Prank Grants Several Kisses – And One Slap!
It's a tradition that's been around for several years. If you happen to find yourself under the mistletoe with someone else, you give each other a kiss. Seems harmless enough. These pranksters decided to hold a fake survey on if they would kiss someone under the mistletoe. If they said yes…

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