Watch TSA Agent Steal iPad
There was a report about a year ago where there was a spike in missing items while flying. In the interest of security and safety, TSA agents will scan and search you. I've, personally, been asked to 'stand aside' for an x-ray which I didn't take personally...
Bald Eagle Steals A Fish Right Off The Line
Have you ever had problems with Bald Eagles stealing your fish? Well this guy apparently has. The Bald Eagle swoops down and just takes the fish right off of the guys fishing line! I bet this is one thing that won't happen twice in a row.
Man Discovers His House Was Stolen
A lot of people are losing their homes in this economy, but one Canadian man actually lost his home.
A man outside of Toronto called police after he had returned to his mobile home to find it had disappeared.
Woman’s Lawn Stolen While on Vacation
It’s natural to worry about things when you leave for vacation. Did I turn the lights off? Are the doors locked? Did I take the trash out? What you don’t worry about, however, is your lawn being stolen. Maybe now you should.
Canadian Denise Thompson went on a short vacation over the weekend with her …