Searching For Yakima’s Most Memorable Teachers
Our teachers are among the most admired, most respected, most loved professionals in the world today. I believe this has never been more true than right now, with the additional challenge the pandemic has provided, and teachers have stepped-up to become bigger heroes than ever. Yet, wouldn't yo…
Are You Making What You Are Worth In Yakima?
I've been a radio broadcaster since I was 18, working my way up the ladder in the broadcasting world so my knowledge of what other people earn in Yakima hasn't been something I'd readily know.
I was doing research on another article and it occurred to me that may be I wasn't the only interested in ho…
The Hawks' heroes
If you are a Seahawks fan and you have a the pleasure of going to one of their games, then you will see what they do up on their big screens. They always honor a schoolteacher hero. What a fantastic idea.