Some bands strive for the title of "One Hit Wonder" with many achieving that status. Calling Custom a one of those wonders would be stretching the title a tad. Their song "Hey Mister" did well peaking at #28 on the Mainstream Rock Charts helping the debut album FAST peak at #124 on the Billboard 200 back in early 2002. Custom was controversial back in the day with this song talking about a fixation on a high school student, and the ballad the singer directed towards her father. The song's video caused so much of an issue with upskirt shots & lyrics on the lady's skin that MTV banned it citing how it was "pedophilic and offensive to women". Keep in mind, the years of fine TV programing like 16 & Pregnant had not hit MTV yet.

Custom, aka Duane Eric Lavold, resides in New York where he continues to work in music and film according to his Wikipedia page. You can see a grainy NSFW video that was banned by MTV below.


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