A worried Yakima mom is desperate to locate her teenage daughter, who has been missing since Monday (May 8).

The mother, Stacy Thompson, told Hendo today that her daughter had run. That could mean she is trying not to be found, so this is a very important time for the community and surrounding areas to keep an eye out.

"This is my daughter, Savannah Kilpatrick," Thompson pleaded on Facebook. "The last known sighting of her was around 3:30 the morning of the 9th in the area of Robertson Elementary on Lincoln Ave and she was with Thomas Charles aka Chaka (pictured below).

The teen is thought to be with her boyfriend.
The teen is thought to be with her boyfriend.

Thompson fears the teen may have already left the area.

"They were asking for food and water for a trip they were taking out of state." Thompson said.

The mother is especially worried because her daughter has not taken her daily medications, many of which would have adverse side effects if stopped abruptly, she said.

"We know they were on foot and alone the morning of the 9th and were out on the street, Thompson said. "Neither has a vehicle or a phone."

If you have any information you can call the Yakima Police Department at (509) 575-6200 or if you see them you can dial 911 to get someone to the location faster.

Thompson said they have been working on some issues, but now the main worry is just getting her daughter home safe.

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