Every fall near Halloween time, folks start to wonder will will the Spirit Halloween Store open up (September 21st according to their website). They also talk about the haunted haunts of Yakima. If you're interested, here's three haunted places you can go right off the bat with no waiting:

  1. There's the old train depot that's now Northtown Coffee. I don't believe in ghosts but I swear that women's bathroom is haunted! I fully expect to hear Moaning Myrtle every time I roll up in that place. *shivers*
  2. I am told that Yakima Sports Center is haunted but I've been there many, many times and not once did I ever feel a spooky presence of haunted souls. Perhaps the ghost or ghosts stay up in the attic during business hours, who knows?
  3. The old hoochie saloon is supposed to be a haunted spot of Yakima, too. You know it best today as Crafted (or the old Barrel House). It used to be The Blue Banjo, home of one of the current ghosts said to roam the place now. Are they looking for some lost change or a "good time" or what?

But look at me. Listen! I'm about to show you something that will make you REALLY scream--especially if you believe in the paranormal and the supernatural!


Forget chasing after ghosts in haunted Yakima restaurants! That is SOOOO 2020. We're in the future now, and we've moved on to looking up real-life haunted dolls you can buy off of Facebook Marketplace!

I know, right, I didn't know this was a thing either! It's all the rage right now though, so get with it! Here are the most terrifying haunted dolls I found for sale. The best part? They can all be shipped right to your door here in the Yakima Valley. Now, aren't they thoughtful!


Anthony Hammond via Facebook Marketplace

Anthony said, no ma'am, I will not accept returns! Bahahaha! Read the description for Victoria below!

Anthony Hammond via FB Marketplace


Carma Campbell via FB Marketplace

"They can be heard running around the house at other times or in the attic." I wish we knew their names! They look so sweet and innocent.

Carma Campbell

Ready for more terrifying haunted dolls for sale? "EXTREMELY HAUNTED DOLLS"

$ayemarie19 via FB Marketplace

"Came all the way from Middleton, Massachusetts, from a place where a family was murdered. Need u to come pick up." You had me (running away) at 'where a family was murdered'. Yikes. Hard pass.

AyeMarie19 via FB Marketplace

Wait until you see this next haunted doll for sale: "VERY CREEPY DOLL. DOLL IS ACTUALLY HAUNTED."

Joey Brown via FB Marketplace

Good thing he told me it was "actually haunted" because I was having my doubts! (sarcasm font.) The seller says he looked up the price of the doll and it's worth over $300. Yeah, I bet, bro.

Joey Brown via FB Marketplace

Let's keep going. These descriptions are making me scream--with LAUGHTER. "HAUNTED DOLL, NASTY SPIRIT, GHOST, DEMON, OUIJA"!

Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace

Oooh, this doll is so "nasty" and haunted, she comes with her own bible for YOUR safety! Scroll below to read the description of this very "nasty demon" doll. I wonder what kind of nasty stuff does she do (or say)?

Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace
Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace
Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace
Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace
Tracey Willis Jimerson via FB Marketplace

Here's the last demonic delight: "HAUNTED DOLL - JACOB"

Rickey Haunted Pickers Walker via FB Marketplace

"He's not a malevolent spirit. Unless you ignore him...still has his pull cord to manipulate his mouth although he doesn’t need it any more." I bet he didn't need it to begin with. He was forged in a back alley somewhere near Santa's Workshop by some evil Elves, how much you wanna bet!

Rickey Haunted Pickers Walker via FB Marketplace
Rickey Haunted Pickers Walker via FB Marketplace

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Take a Pic of Yourself in Yakima at One of these 74 Mural Selfie Walls

Big cities have famous spots where we like to take sightseeing selfies, like the Gum Wall in Seattle's Pike Place Market, or the What Lifts You Wings mural in Nashville, and even artist Candice Taylor's brand new Crown Act Wall in Southeast Washington, D.C. You've no doubt taken quite a few selfies in front of popular landmarks and selfie wallls.

Did you know that the city of Yakima, Washington, has over seventy-four (74) murals that would make for a fantastic place to get your sightseeing selfie? The locations included in this gallery include one-of-a-kind murals found at:

  • Hamilton Park Mural Wall on Mead Ave (the cross street is S 24th Ave)
  • Churchill's Booklovers Haunt: 125 S 2nd St
  • Various Homes across from the MLK Jr. Park Splash Pad: S 8th St
  • United States Post Office: 112 S 3rd St
  • Cost Less Carpet of Yakima (on the back side of the store): 210 N 5th Ave
  • Dollar Stretcher (in the alley behind the store): 501 W Lincoln Ave
Keep your eyes out for one of our unique photo-op murals to add to your collection in your social media pics, and stop and take a memorable selfie of yourself in the heart of Yakima!