With the haze and lack of visibility in the Yakima valley it was only time when I'd wake up to this as it's not too uncommon every year with the random fires we have around Eastern Washington.

With these fires around our area it not only decreases visibility and air quality but it's sometimes messy like having the ash pool up on your car or swimming pool or lawn furniture. It's a hassle to deal with but I feel far worse than those affected directly by these fires. That certainly can't be fun.

There's also the little kid in me that thinks it's pretty neat that ash from far away traveled all the way over to Yakima and settled on these items.

But then the other side is like, "this is the stuff my kids and I are inhaling when we're outside?" That's never a fun thought.

Still, if you see it, know you're not alone and aren't being pranked.

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