Everyone doubles up Oreos to make their own Double-Stuf Oreos or, better yet, they double up the Double Stuf Oreos to make a Quadruple Stuf Oreo. Why stop there?

The easy part is unscrewing one of the chocolate cookies leaving all (or, in some hasty instances, most) of the cream filling on the other side of the chocolate cookie. Taking just the cream from both cookies requires skills or, in my case, a knife. After the Quadruple Stuf Oreo I thought I'd go for the Sextuple Stuf Oreo.


"Going for broke" I went ahead and used all of the cream in one gigantic Oreo. Going through all three rows, I went ahead and used all 34 cookies to make my first ever Sexaginta-Octuple Stuf Oreo. That's 68 times the normal cream filling in a standard Oreo cookie. Taller than the glass of milk to dunk it in, my masterpiece stood about 7.5 inches and started to have a definite lean to it.


How did it taste? I never did eat it, I simply dismantled it and put it back in the package. Just the cream in one isle and 2 rows of just the cookies. That way, I can create my own as needed for the situation. Thinking on that idea - it'd be cool of Nabisco had a DIY Oreo that's just the cookies individually and a tub of cream to use as you need. I'm sure there's a health violation involved somewhere, in there.

According to the nutrition label, a single serving of Double Stuf Oreos (2 cookies) is 140 calories. Doing further calculations, the cream filling is 40 calories alone. I used 33 extra cream fillings in this monster so 33 times 40 plus 70 equals 1390. One thousand, three hundred and ninty calories if you decide to make an oreo cookie monolith.

Check out the pictures and let me know if you decide to make your own.