The new Mystery Oreos are here and I'm pretty sure I have the right answer.

Before we get to what I think the flavor it, these seems to now be a new tradition. They make a very generic package and let you guess what it's supposed to taste like. A couple of years ago when they did this I tried those and got it right. Those were Fruity Pebbles cereal favored.

These new ones are completely different.

At first bite, you get a very strong hint on cinnamon. But it's a sweet cinnamon. Kind of like a cinnamon and sugar but also buttery, if that makes sense.

My mind started wandering. It was almost like a cinnamon roll icing but they've had cinnamon roll Oreos in the past. Maybe like a horchata but I'm not sure how widely popular that is out in the rest of the United States. Maybe like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch-flavored Oreo, but they wouldn't do two cereals in a row.

That's when it hit me - it's gotta be churro flavored.

So I'm placing best on churro as the flavor. Now we'll just wait and see.

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