As most of you know, I moved here in March. Like many of you who moved here, I had and still have many questions about my new home. Here are just a few questions I have received during my short time here.

1. Is it Yakamite? Yakamainian? Yakonion?

Not sure where you land on this, I am still asking for the standard as to what to call us, and since most of you have not had your sense of humor removed yet, you can play along. What are we to call ourselves? Is it one of those three? Or is there one I may have missed? I mean, I am a former Californian - not a Californite. Can someone just lay down the law and pick one and stick with it - for all our sake?

So many fairys
Booze Fairies-Yakima

2. Where Is Yakima?

I swear, I heard this so many times when announcing I was moving. I just kept answering "It's in south central Washington." Which usually was followed by, "How far is it from Seattle?" My usual response? "Not far enough."

Yakima Valley
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3. What's with the Stupid / Awesome Sign on Higway 82? 

When we rolled into town, when I saw that sign of Highway 82, I thought two things - that's either serious or sarcastic. Turns out, it's both - depending on whom you talk too. As a guy who spent summers in Palm Springs, I can tell you from experience - we ain't in Palm Springs Dorothy. 


4. What's with that Big Boarded Up house on 48th & Nob Hill?

Ahh, the stuff of lore. Have only been here a few months, but I have heard the stories. They vary from it was an old meth lab, to it was a party house that was foreclosed on. I don't know what is going on, but that big boarded up house seemed like it was a looker back in the day. Either way, it's a shame. I did see a Vamanous Pest Control Truck there recently (If you got that one, bonus points! Hint? Think  'Breaking Bad').


5. What's Yakima Like?

I love it. It's home. I have noted that I have yet to meet a jerk since I moved here. I am sure it's a matter of time, but so far, so good. Yakimans are laid back, chill, and they love their beer. Yakima is full of hard working, common sense folk (most of them) who just want a good place to live and raise a family. Every town has it's negatives (Yes, Including Monterey California. Have you seen how expensive housing is there?!?), but Yakima is home. And I love it.

Any more Questions?

All My Best,

The JimShow

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