I fell in love in late October.

After traveling across the state to see Greta Van Fleet's first appearance in Seattle, I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had two really amazing opening acts.

The second band to play that evening was a Canadian band from Kingston, Ontario, named The Glorious Sons.

They are aren't actually a brand new band having formed in 2011, but despite over a million YouTube views, they are relative unknowns.

Unknown except by anyone who has seen them live, because once you hear them you're hooked.

At least that was the case when I heard them play "Sawed Off Shotgun."

Who hasn't had the lights turned off, the car repossessed, and had it up to here with the "taxman?"

The new album, Young Beauties & Fools is out now and I suggest you go there and BUY IT NOW.

There are at least two bona fide American radio hits for this Canadian group on the album.

Like many that went to see Greta Van Fleet, I was more in shock at the show I had just seen with maybe 200 people at most.

It was that good.

Greta Van Fleet has already started to explode, but I think that the two bands both have the potential to spark a new rock rebirth of epic 90's Seattle-size proportions.

The Glorious Sons are lead by lead vocalist and harmonica player, Brett Emmons.

The five piece band has two great guitarists Chris Koster and Jay Emmons, with Adam Paquette on drums and Chris Huot on bass.

They have had radio and critical success in Canada, but it's still a matter of time here in the U.S. as not all stations are as lucky as KATS to have new music platforms such as Loudwire Nights.

The Glorious Sons released their first EP, Shapeless Art, in 2013. The group then began recording a full-length, The Union, which was nominated for a Juno Award for Best Rock Album in 2015.

Perhaps this time next year we will talk about how the night they opened for this year's Loudwire Awards Best New Artist, Greta Van Fleet, and won best new artist the following year.

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