If you're flying, chances are you'll find yourself at Sea-Tac. There's plenty of shops and options to just grab a quick something to go. When in doubt, grab this Et Fromage.

Yes, there's plenty of dining options as well, but I love to grab this just to stash in my backpack for later or for a quick snack if I just land and don't quite have the time to eat somewhere.

It's just about perfect. It's literally sliced apples, a bunch of thinly sliced cheese triangles and a few crackers.

Honestly, it's perfect.

Doesn't need to be heated, easy to maintain and manage, and won't stink up the entire aircraft. Seriously, I've had people bring on bowls of sweet and sour chicken on flights. I do love sweet and sour chicken, but only when I'm the one eating it and wouldn't make those around me suffer. When in doubt, grab this. They're all over Sea-Tac.

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