A few months ago, my wife and I bought a Roomba. You know -- one of those little robots that roll around and vacuum your house. It was neat and we fell in love instantly. We named it "Rosie" after the Hanna Barbera cartoon maid character from "The Jetsons."

It drives around your house sweeping and bumping into things. At first my dog hated it, but my wife and I thought it was awesome. Was it perfect? No, it did bump into things ... A LOT OF THINGS. It got stuck under my kitchen table and chairs for almost 45 minutes one day, but oh well, I'm not getting under there to clean.

I honestly thought, this thing is awesome, how can it get any better? Well leave it to YouTube tech vlogger Michael Reeves, to take a great thing and making it better. By mixing Rosie & Popeye the Sailor Man ... yes a Roomba that cusses like a sailor. Someone get this kid a Nobel Prize! Check out the video above and yes, NSFW.

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