Now that the major cancellation and renewal shocks of the 2014 Upfront season have more or less settled in, attention turns to those confirmed to go to series. DC comics has quite a bit on its plate now, adding 'Arrow' spinoff 'The Flash' and Rob Thomas' 'iZombie to the slate, and the first new poster key art pieces have arrived to complement our new shows!

There isn't much to see beyond the lead character's faces, though Grant Gustin's Barry Allen certainly looks a dash more heroic than he did on set, while the new logo also feels properly energizes. As for 'iZombie,' well, Rose McIver looking cute and eating brains, what's not to like?

Greenlit for (at least) 13 episodes, ‘The Flash’ has cast Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells and Candice Batton as Iris West, daughter to Jesse L. Martin’s Detective West, along with Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon, better known as DC character Vibe. ‘The Vampire Diaries‘ star Rick Cosnett will portray Central City Police transfer Detective Eddie Thawne, while Danielle Panabaker plays Caitlin Snow, a highly intelligent bioengineering expert and an early incarnation of DC villain Killer Frost. Original ‘Flash’ star John Wesley Shipp will also appear in the ‘Arrow’ spinoff as well, though producers aren’t divulging the details of his role just yet.

Led by ‘Once Upon A Time‘ and ‘Masters of Sex‘ star Rose McIver, ‘iZombie’ follows Olivia “Liv” Moore (get it?!), a med student-turned-zombie who takes a job at the coroner’s office to satisfy her insatiable hunger for brains. Each brain she consumes unlocks the corpse’s memories, helping to silence the voices in her head, as she works with authorities to solve homicide cases. Previously announced cast members include David Anders (‘Heroes‘), Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley, Nora Dunn and Alexandra Krosney.

Take a look at the key art for 'The Flash' and 'iZombie' above and below, and tell us in the comments which you're most excited to see this fall!

CW iZombie Poster Rose McIver Key Art
The CW

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