Really? Is this really headline worthy? My answer is, "Yes!"

Taking this back several years ago when we had an Albertsons on 40th and Tieton, when I first moved back to Yakima this was my grocery store of choice as it was nearest to where I live. About a year before they closed, they removed all the self-check out lanes. I was devastated as most of the time I was just grabbing a few things to go. I have no problem ringing myself up and carrying on about my day. When they took them out it caused longer lines which I didn't need.

After it closed I had a few options in the area, mostly being Safeway and Wray's. I love both. I'm probably at Wray's more often then Safeway, and it is nice as they're quick to get another person on a register if more than 3 people are in line. Safeway may have more variety. Either way, I'm at both regularly.

I was at Safeway just the other day and noticed, to my surprise, they have self-check lanes. I asked the attendant how long they've been there and he mentioned only since about last Wednesday or Thursday so less than a week.

If you were one who stopped shopping at Safeway because lines were too long or because they didn't have a self-check lane, good news is this location does now! The one on 22nd and Nob Hill has for a while so they're all stepping up.

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