So when you ask people what they look up online, usually you get a slight pause... that's because no one ever tells you what they really look up. "Oh I use the internet to keep in contact with family... and Japanese Tentacle movies." Well the team at took the time out of their busy days of online stalking exes to compile the most popular online guilty pleasures in 112 countries from all around the world.

In reading the review, I was quite surprised. I thought America would deal with more of the porn or cat video side of the net spectrum, but no, we're heavily medicated like Theory Of A Deadman suggested with their song "RX," and our guilty pleasure of searching WebMD proves that we're worried sick... literally.

Don't worry, other countries took the prize when it came to adult content, conspiracy theories and even Minecraft! How'd the researchers get this info? Well, thanks to Facebook, NSA, FBI, wiretapping and drones, they knew what NOT TO DO! Instead the team created a list of indulgent topics that people might search for and cross-referenced it with Google Trends data, compiled it all and bam! A list of what your country looks at but won't admit to! Check out the map below, and for more in-depth information on what each country like or to find out which country loves, check out

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