Have you ever been on a poker run? I've heard of them happening on golf courses but never in cars ... until now! I just spoke with Anne who informed me that Saturday, June 13th, 2020 the fundraiser that had been planned to raise money for The Yakima Valley Trolleys is still on but now is being turned into a Social Distancing Poker Run!

$10 per vehicle will get you in the running for half the pot and at least five businesses have already signed up for the adventure. Here's what Anne had to say about it all

Everyone will be in cars. We normally hold a car show but it's been canceled..so I'm hoping to raise some money for the trolley this way! Cars will go to several stops, draw a card and then it's marked on a card for them. Each spot will have masks, gloves, sanitizer and hand wipes. I have 5 business letting us use them for stops and then it ends at the trolley barn. They have an option to buy another card then if they want. Its $10 to play and the winner splits the pot with the trolleys.

If you didn't know The Yakima Valley Trolleys are part of the National Registry for historical places as the last authentic running electric railroad cars ... in the Country!

Yakima Valley Trolleys

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