I'm all about eating cheap but sometimes you just feel like splurging on yourself and your loved ones.

According to LoveFood, the most expensive restaurant belongs to Metropolitan Grill.
Or The Met as its regulars call it.

Metropolitan Grill offers a wide variety of dinner options but is also open for bar seating, some nice desserts and had a Game Day Sunday brunch if you want to cheer on your 12s in true boujie fashion.

Located in downtown Seattle in one of those old buildings built over 100 years ago (1903 to be exact) it's a great location and due for a great time so long as your wallet can keep up.

What's on the Menu?

Just taking a look at the menu and their prices:

Just a few dinner options include the following.
Iced Shellfish platter w/ caviar for $300
6oz Olive Beef Filet for $195.00
6oz Snow Beef Filet for $180
King Salmon for $58
and a variety of other common cuts you'd imagine. I also love restaurants like this as when you order something on the side, it's enough sides to share with the entire table like these items.
Mac & cheese for $14
Roasted baby carrots for $15
Yukon Gold Potato Cakes for $14
and more.

To go along with your meal you'll want a drink. Plenty of wines, beer and house cocktails to choose from.

Thinking about dessert? I know I couldn't attend a place like this and NOT try something amazing afterwards. Maybe one of these.
Nine-layer chocolate cake for $20
White chocolate coconut cake for $18
Brunt cream for $10
and even do those table-side service with the flames and stuff like hot apple pie or bananas foster for $30. That would be fun.

It's a lot of money to eat at a place like this but you're also paying for the atmosphere and ambiance. Kinda fun to do sometimes. Y'know, like, after you win the lottery.

You can find Metropolitan Grill at 820 2nd Ave in Seattle.

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