I found myself at the SeaTac airport over the weekend and with my layover I often find myself in that central food court. I didn't have any food in mind but fish and chips is a common go-to for me. That's when I noticed these cute, little fluffy fish that turns out to be waffles. Waffles? What?!

One of the items on the menu was the classic chicken and waffles. Quant, but still had fish and chips on my mind. I placed my order, walked to the end of the counter waiting for my meal when I noticed these fish just hanging out. As it turns out, these were the 'waffles' for the chicken and waffles. Made with waffle batter but cooked in these fish trays.

Looking back at the menu, they also sell these separately with dipping sauces. What a fun idea.

If they have these in Seattle, surely someone in Yakima can buy these trays, too. Could be very unique to have these as part of a food truck or local shop. Or both!

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