One of the fun things about visiting other towns is trying their local restaurants. We found ourselves in Spokane, Washington, over the weekend and heard great things about this breakfast place that we kept driving by. We decided to stop by one morning and we're all glad we did.

The name of the place is Old European and visiting this place will change your life.

The concept is a simple one. The recipes were from the patriarch of the family where the tradition continues today feeding hungry families who walk through the doors.

From the Old European website:

​​Grandma Marie believed that a guest in the house is the same as God in the
house. We adopted this principle and live by it with every single person that
comes through our doors. Many of the items on this menu are Grandma Marie’s original Danish recipes, so we hope that the love and legacy in every dish shines through to show you just how important you are to us.

Gives it that home-like feeling and the idea that they have dishes that aren't replicated anywhere else. Taking a peek at the menu proves that as well.

They have traditional favorites like pancakes and fresh toast, but with personality and quality turned all the way up. They also have dishes like fresh crepes and something called Aebelskivers which is like a pancake ball, in a way. They were super good and fun to try.

I loved that they had freshly squeezed orange juice. When I say it was freshly squeezed you can literally see the orange juicing machine doing the work. My kids also loved that the lattes and more came in those giant mugs with latte art. Super fun.

What caught my eye more than anything were these dutch babies. Describing them makes them sound far more boring than they are. They're basically a pancake cooked in a cast-iron skillet backed in an oven. Piled with powdered sugar and fresh lemon to squeeze over it for flavor. This is something I've made at home several times as they're generally low maintanence and cost effecient but the way they did these there was far more legit than the ones I can make. I'd recommend them.

If you find yourself in Spokane on North Division and drive by this place. If time allows, pop in and see why everyone loves this place.

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