I'm a huge movie fan, and I love the monster movies just as much as all the comic book & Star Wars flicks. I love the shared movie universes that have been crafted and refined between Marvel & Star Wars, but, I must say, so far the MonsterVerse created by Legendary Entertainment & Warner Bros, has not had a miss in my book. I've loved every single one of them. From 2014's Godzilla, & 2017's Kong: Skull Island to 2019's Godzilla: King Of The Monsters. Now it's time, in just a couple months, we'll finally get it, Godzilla Vs Kong! I can't wait!

The official trailer (below) dropped earlier this week, and it was the first trailer in a very long time that made me giggling as I watched it. What are we to do until we get to see the film? Speculate & talk trash! Let the Nerd Rage Begin! Who will win? I have theory & I tested it with my best friend Alex, who is a Godzilla whore (seriously, he only has one Christmas ornament, and it's of Godzilla). I think Kong will be the champion & he agreed with my thoughts. He also added about what happened in the original Japanese 1962's King Kong Vs Godzilla, Kong was victorious!

I think Kong will have a repeat. Here is my reasoning. As we saw from Kong: Skull Island, he's been fighting reptile creatures for a while, so he's not intimidated or scared in anyway. Godzilla, yes has some badass breath, fire & tail. But Kong has more ease of movement, is faster and can use tools. Plus, if you look at the previous movie, Godzilla only became "king of the monsters", because he had help from Mothera. One on One, I don't think Godzilla would have a chance. NOW, let's look at the actual film titles, and this is why I firmly think Kong will be triumphant. We first had Godzilla, then Kong: Skull Island, followed by Godzilla: King of the Monsters. But Kong, has always been more commonly known as "King Kong". He's not king yet, he's got to knock the current king off his thrown. So I'm thinking Kong will win, and the next movie in the MonsterVerse, will in fact be titled... KING KONG.

Now, most likely they'll both team up against a bigger threat, like MechaGodzilla, or a new form of Ghidorah, but it's fun to speculate and gamble on fictional fights. We will find out at the end of March when Godzilla Vs. Kong hits theaters & HBO Max. But just to be safe, I went ahead and asked my Magic 8 Ball, if Kong would defeat Godzilla, it's response; "Most Likely".



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