I'm a fanboy. Love "Star Wars," always have been. Even through the prequels, which looking back, weren't so bad (though opinions may vary). Now that Disney controls the force, there are some things that I feel they really have dropped the ball on. Even to the point, where as much as I do love Star Wars, sadly, I'm not excited by it anymore. I still have not watched The Mandalorian, if that tells you anything! I have a movie pitch for Episode X that might just make myself and many people be excited for Star Wars again! If you wanna read all my "Bitches" with the Disney era (don't worry, I make the comical), you can check that out here! Keep reading to hear my Episode X pitch!

Like many people, I wasn't thrilled with Episode 9, and was very divided after 8. So let's see if I can fix it in 10. Probably not, because it's just my opinion and everyone has their own idea on how it should be handled. But here's my $5 pitch for a new movie on Star Wars Day! First off, Rey... Rey Skywalker... you either make her a "nobody" like was suggestion in episode 8, or make her someone linked to the series. I see the points in both. But since they went with making her (spoiler) Palpatine's granddaughter, let's keep the fact that she's "someone related to the saga".

So, the Universe is "safe" first order is done. Rey goes back to the Island (I'm going to use basic words, and not the names of the planets, that way EVERYONE can follow along, and do not need in depth knowledge of Star Wars) that Luke had fled to, and is now residing as a Force Ghost. Luke tells her that she must continue her training by finding lost force artifacts so that the Sith (bad guys) can't rise up again. In doing so, her and Chewie (maybe Finn too, since he turned out to be force sensitive) go on a new adventure. The whole adventure ends with Rey back on that volcano planet from the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. There she finds cloning technology, has to fight many evil versions of her self... and LUKE'S SEVERED HAND! She realizes she is Luke's clone. But Episode 9 says that Palpatine is her grandfather? Well, since he started the cloning saga, and worked very hard on cloning Jedi... to take the words from Obi-Wan... from a certain point of view, he is her grandfather. He helped create her.


This would fit some of the previous clues from the past movies. When Rey was in the cave, and saw all of those reflections of her self. Boom, multiple clones! When she found the evil version of her self on the Death Star wreckage, boom, they were making EVIL versions of her. And it answers the question, about what happened to Luke's hand. Plus making her an actual "Skywalker". Then we, if you want to tie it into the prequels... the true mastermind of everyone... the one who made it all possible, and brought Palpatine back from the dead... Darth Jar Jar! This is a deep dive... so here we go!


Jar Jar a Sith Lord: There is a fan theory that I love, and talks simply about Jar Jar being a master manipulator and Sith Lord in hiding. It makes sense, but Disney and Chuck Windig ruined it (possibly) with Jar Jar's mention as a street clown in the third "Aftermath" book, "Empire's End". They could easily make him the BIG BAD of Episode X. As far as him being a street clown, he could have been on vacation, or they just ignore that line in that book, Disney has ignored a lot of their own stuff already, so why stop now. Make him as the string puller behind Palpatine, Snoke, Kylo & The First Order, and help tie all nine (now ten) movies together. Doing this would make one of "Star Wars'" worst characters into one of the most badass!


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