Back a few years ago, before the all female lead Ghostbusters was released, there was the idea of forming an additional reboot. That gave me hope, because growing up loving the Ghostbusters, I had long hoped a 3rd one would become a reality.

The 2016 female-film... was okay. Some things they did in it, I loved. Like the "Proton Pistols" or the "Trap Knuckles", I was even okay with Slimer having a girlfriend. But on the other hand, some of the jokes felt forced and 3 dance scenes (extended film) was a BIG nope and really ruined the movie for me.

With last week's announcement and teaser trailer (below) being released and word that a 3rd installment would be arriving in 2020, I was as giddy as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man stepping on a church. Here's my original theory for how a 3rd film with the original characters could work, written back in March of 2015:

I still think they should turn these reboots into a new franchise that holds true to the first two films. Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Akroyd) is the main "Ghostbuster" left from the original ... Egon (Harold Ramis) has passed away, as has Dr. Peter Venkman (assuming Bill Murray doesn't want to be in the film -- or if he does he can be a ghost), Winston Zeddmore is now the head of a major prison (Ernie Hudson was in HBO's "Oz"), Ray is now the head of the "Ghostbusters" ("GhostCorps") franchise, (which they did talk about in the first film back after Ray gets the loan for mortgaging his house). Now there are all these solo "Ghostbuster" teams that do their own thing, but still check in with Dr. Stanz when needed. This can lead to an all-female team, as well as the new all-male cast. Think of "CSI: Miami" with more Proton Packs. I've had this idea ever since news of the all-female reboot was announced. I have hopes that if I spread this idea enough it may happen, especially if Sony and Akroyd are teaming up to handle the franchise in real life. I don't want any credit, I just do not want my childhood to be rebooted AGAIN!

Now with this teaser, I don't think they're going to go the way I had hoped. But with this being a teaser... who really knows. Based off the clip, from what I can guess, is that the Ghostbusters are once again kind of off doing their own thing, not making the fame and fortune as they hoped. Much like the start of Ghostbusters 2. Ecto-1 (the car) is owned by a Ghostbuster groupie and collector and he's trying to rebuild a proton pack, (as can be heard in the teaser by the sounds of a ratchet and proton firing sounds) and next thing you know, the groupie brings on the end of the world. That seems to be a big theory floating around the web, the other thought I had, and I would much prefer this one, is that Dr. Ray Stantz (Dan Akroyd) is working on the equipment in his house/barn (which he got back after saving New York twice) preparing for paranormal storm that is on it's way.

No matter what the plot is, I'm excited and we'll all see what happens next year!

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