The Seattle Mariners - MY beloved Seattle Mariners - now have the distinction of being the professional sports franchise (of the four major sports, baseball, basketball, football and hockey) that has the longest playoff drought.

When the NFL's Buffalo Bills qualified for the postseason for the first time in 17 seasons that vaulted the M's in to the top spot for futility. The Mariners, who last made the playoffs in 2001, are heading towards THEIR 17th consecutive year of futility.

Frankly, the M's have only had 13 winning seasons out of 41 years of club history and have an all-time winning percentage of .470 (3,062-3,455) which is why I have always joke that, when I die, I want six Seattle Mariners to be my pallbearers so that they can let me down one last time!

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Alas, to a baseball fan - "seamhead", if you will - hope springs eternal at the dawn of each new season. I willingly subject myself to likely disappointment year-in, and year-out.
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