It's been a rough couple of weeks inside the 'ol KATS studio.

First, Hendo, then Kelly West and then me - all coming down with some serious crud. I don't think I've ever missed three days of work consecutively due to illness in my 28 year broadcasting career. Sure, we all go in to our jobs when we are feeling less than 100% so it takes quite a bit to knock us down for the count.

If you see in the picture above, my work space is cluttered with OTC cold and flu remedies. I had to bring them all in with me because my symptoms have changed almost hourly!

Drug cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar himself would have blushed at the copious amount of drugs I have been trafficking through the radio station!

I don't know what is worse - having to lug around a bunch of glorified speed in my bag just to be able to breathe or having to buy one of these to help me remember if I even took my pills or not!

TSM/Todd E. Lyons, Esq.
TSM/Todd E. Lyons, Esq.

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