Recently, December 30th to be exact, I told you that I was celebrating 13 years of marriage to my lovely bride, Carrie Ann. Marrying her is the best decision I have ever made. Having a son with her is the best thing that ever happened to me. Luckily for me, she was, first, BORN on this date!

Today is her special day. If you know her, please help me in wishing her a happy birthday!

Obviously, it is NEVER appropriate to reveal a woman's age so I am not about to do that here! I will say this, after today her and I are back to being just four years apart in age instead of five. Because our birthdays three weeks apart (mine's December 28th) my wife likes to rub in the fact that she is FIVE years younger than me!

I think that I've heard it said that one should NOT marry a person that has the same astrological sign as one's self but, so far, Carrie and I are proving that to be incorrect as we are both Capricorns. Today, January 19th, is, in fact, the last day on the astrological chart for Capricorns.

When we first met -- thanks to my sister, Bonnie, who works alongside Carrie -- I was coming off of a fairly long relationship and Carrie was going through a divorce. I was 31 at the time and was pretty much resigning myself to being single the rest of my life and never getting to experience fatherhood and being a parent. I guess I felt like I didn't have much to lose as I was basically sulking in my one-bedroom apartment at Lake Aspen so I asked her out on a date.

The rest, as they say, is history. Was it destiny?

I was recently reminded of some evidential proof that maybe I was, indeed, destined to spend my life with my wife, Carrie. Click HERE to read why. Read More: Todd's Take: Do You Believe in Destiny?

I will never forget our vow to each other on our wedding day (taken from a Bruce Springsteen lyric, no less), "I will wait for you and should I fall behind... wait for me."

Todd E. & Carrie Lyons

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Happy birthday, Sweet Pea!
Rock on! \m/ \m/

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