I like buying locally. Because of that, I realized recently that I bought a ballpoint pen for $2,700.

Well, sort of.

TSM/Todd Lyons
TSM/Todd Lyons

My home and automobile insurance agent is Ginger Brewer-Tyler. She works for Farmers at her shop in Selah. Sure, I could give a talking lizard or cavemen my business. I could have Flo represent for me. I'd rather stick with people I personally know and can call whenever.

Heck, on one occasion, Ginger even scored a set of free Mariners tickets for me and my family to go watch a game!  I'll be Mayhem or Flo wouldn't do that for me! Besides, who else has an insurance agent that also owns a bar (Pastime Burgers, Brews & Spirits in Selah)!

The latest personal touch came in the mail here at the KATS studio the other day. I received this hand written note along with a ballpoint pen in it. The note read, "I figure $2,700 a year of insurance is worth a pen?

Well played, Ginger!

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